Unexpected gifts

Today was an ordinary day. Got up, made breakfast for me and the kids, got ready for the meeting. I haven’t really been feeling like myself but I was more than ready to say hi to people and listen to the speech, ordinary Sunday. 

To my surprise, some one came to me and said that he and his wife were talking about me and my kids. He mentioned that my kids are always ready to volunteer and help clean and are usually very happy and courteous with everyone kids and adults. I, of course ,said “thank you ” but there was more. (As if that wasn’t compliment enough), he also mentioned that at the picnic last week he observed me. Why? Because of the fact that I was helping clean and put stuff away while the party was still going so the host didn’t have too much to do when the picnic was over. He said, “that is why your kids are so helpful and kind , you provide a great example for them and for all of us. Keep up the good work.” I blushed , that was truly a gift given to me to keep going and encouragement that my efforts are not in vain . It was a great unexpected gift. 

When you do good you may not always get praise but someone somewhere is watching. Whether you give your gift of time, compliments or what have you , THANK YOU IT MEANS ALOT ! 


2 thoughts on “Unexpected gifts

  1. Yes! Thank you to whoever gave my sister in law that compliment. She is a great wife and mother but doesn’t always feel that way. She is doing a great job with my niece and nephew. Well, as great of a job as anyone can do with an 8yr old and a 6yr old that like to give lip lol

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