Everyone is talking about how Wet N Wild has stepped up their game and I have to agree. They have been around for quite some time,however, these past few months they have outdone themselves. Wet N Wild has always been an affordable brand, but good and inexpensive don’t usually go hand in hand in the make up world. These megalast liquid catsuit  matte lipsticks have really stolen the show. For weeks I could not find them in CVS or Walgreens. When I finally did, I was truly blown away. 

Currently there are 13 shades available. Wet n Wild site I have four colors. I am not so much a collector as I am a lover of pretty things… so I did not buy them all. Here is my overview of the four I have.

1. Video Vixen 

This color is so pretty.It’s vampy black cherry color that fades to a magenta , it is hard to take off and even harder to put on.  There are many you tubers who warned about this color but I figured it was maybe a bad batch. This one you have to , HAVE TO , use a lip liner and use two coats.  Took around 2 minutes to dry fully for each layer. This lasted over 8 hours on my lips eating and drinking with no re applying or need to add a chapstick.

I received so many compliments on this color . Definitely a home run for color but not so much with the ease of application. Don’t worry the other ones more than make up for it.

2. Rebel Rose 

Pink nude color. By far the prettiest everyday color ever, EVER. Sorry to be do dramatic but this color is so easy to put on one swipe. Took around 2 minutes to dry fully.No need to redip. It is pigmented , one coat is all you need and it is comfortable to wear . As an added bonus:  transfer resistant !  This lasted 8 hours on my lips eating and drinking with no re applying or need to add a chapstick.

3. Give Me Mocha 

This one was my second favorite out if the four. It looks brown but has pink undertones. Very wearable for all skin types. This color also  only needed one swipe to cover lips fully with  color. Took around 2 minutes to dry fully. Also transfer resistant and long wearing over 7 hours with eating and drinking. No reapplying. 

4. Nudist Peach (this color makes me giggle) 

Beautiful peachy coral . Very pigmented.  Took about 3 minutes to dry fully. Only needed one swipe to cover lips fully.Also transfer resistant and long wearing over 7 hours with eating and drinking. No reapplying.


After drying 

After getting wet and scrubbed.


  • Long lasting 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Most are transfer resistant 
  • Wearable color selection
  • Great applicator 


  • Some require 2 coats 
  • Dry time 
  • Only 13 shades

These matte lipsticks are $4.99 each (USA). They usually go on sale or have rebates connected to them .

Next week ( week of 3/5/2017) oz a great week to take advantage of sales. CVS has a deal. Purchase $10 worth of Wet N Wild products and get $5 back in extra bucks ( requires a CVS card) on top of that the newspaper will have a coupon for $.50 to $1 off Wet N Wild cosmetics. So this is a perfect opportunity to take advantage and try something new. 



Homemade Chili 

Now I know what ya’ll must be thinking it’s summer ,”who wants something hot ? ”  We do ! One of our family favorites and versitile dishes (or bowls rather ) is homemade chili.  Now my mom always made this for parties as long as I can remember but I took it and “puertoricanized it” with my own remix. And you will not see the extra stuff I added to it but you can appreciate that extra flavor that takes it to another level. 


3 cans of chili beans ( you can use regular small red or pink beans I use the Aldi’s brand)

1 large sweet onion diced

6 garlic cloves minced

2 cubes of sofrito (homemade or the one in the freezer section) 

 2 can of Rotel tomatoes or any brand of tomatoes and jalepenos 

1 cup of pasta sauce (I use my homemade one but you can substitute for a can of tomato sauce or ketuchup)

2lbs of ground beef (can substitute ground chicken or turkey) 

2 packets of Mccormicks chili mix Mild or Hot ( I use the low sodium)  or I make my own chili mix ( very simple if you want recipe leave me a comment below) 

Garlic salt and pepper to your preference to season the meat 

Tools needed

Cutting board


Medium to Large stock pot 

Can opener 


1. Sweat onions and garlic in the stock pot 

2. Add the ground beef ( or meat of your choice) season with garlic salt and pepper while cooking. Drain the fat, do not use water to wash it out. 

4. Add the chili mixes or add about 6 table spoons of the homemade mix. Stir until well incorporated.

5. Add the beans, Rotel , tomatoes sauce , sofrito, and stir and bring to a boil. Do not add water. It may look think but wait until it boils  because the condensation from the lid ads water. *If you like a souper consistency ….. We can’t be friends because that isn’t chili, that’s soup ! Lol *  you can add water but you will have to adjust the seasonings. 

6. Bring to a boil and let simmer on low or 2 for 1-2 hours , stir occasionally.

It comes out not to thick not to watery. Of course add more red pepper flakes or chayenne pepper if you want more heat. I sometimes add more tomatoes and green peppers towards then end for extra crunch and chunkiness. But I decided to keep it simple that day 🙂 

This can  be eaten on its own, with cheese, sour cream (or Greek yogurt) and chives. We like it over white rice with cheese and sour cream. You will have leftovers , most likely ; and you can use this to make chili dogs on another day. 

Enjoy !!!


Unexpected gifts

Today was an ordinary day. Got up, made breakfast for me and the kids, got ready for the meeting. I haven’t really been feeling like myself but I was more than ready to say hi to people and listen to the speech, ordinary Sunday. 

To my surprise, some one came to me and said that he and his wife were talking about me and my kids. He mentioned that my kids are always ready to volunteer and help clean and are usually very happy and courteous with everyone kids and adults. I, of course ,said “thank you ” but there was more. (As if that wasn’t compliment enough), he also mentioned that at the picnic last week he observed me. Why? Because of the fact that I was helping clean and put stuff away while the party was still going so the host didn’t have too much to do when the picnic was over. He said, “that is why your kids are so helpful and kind , you provide a great example for them and for all of us. Keep up the good work.” I blushed , that was truly a gift given to me to keep going and encouragement that my efforts are not in vain . It was a great unexpected gift. 

When you do good you may not always get praise but someone somewhere is watching. Whether you give your gift of time, compliments or what have you , THANK YOU IT MEANS ALOT ! 

Starting to feel better

Nothing says love like being awaken by your kids so they can hug an kiss you. I admit there were days that getting in and out of bed were the hardest. Some how in all of the craziness we call life, I am able to smile with the smallest of things.

My son Tony is getting so big and smart. He loves animals at 6 he wants to be a Wild Kratt. GO HIM!

My daughter Lani on the other hand is getting to be a handful. Very sassy she got that from my sister and sister in law. She is 4 GOD BLESS her and her teachers next year.

Time flies too fast.