Saving at CVS without Clipping Coupons 

I am amazed at how some people do not take advantage of something so simple as an app that saves you money…. CVS has an app that over the last few months has saved me a lot of money. Today for instance I did not use any clipped or printed coupons they were all from the app. 

Just for signing up for the app and adding your card you can get $5 in extra bucks ( formally extra care bucks). This can be used on most items in the store, it excluded milk, cigarettes and tabaco products amongst them.

Once you add your card to the app it will start within a few days or even the same day give you offers that you will have to add to the card. These are electronic coupons that can save you money on top of clipped coupons , extra care bucks and any sales.

For instance today, I had a coupon for food storage, air freshener, paper towel and body wash. On top of it, they gave me an extra $5 to spend for being a loyal customer. My results are below. 

Not too bad I wish I had one more coupon go through but saving 77% is nothing to cry about. Plus most body washes and hair products count towards your beauty club spending ( you will want to sign up for that too !) 

Ok so out of pocket I spent $5.89, then I received a $3 extra buck just for buying $10 worth of St Ives Body wash. Plus I received $2 back for buying 2 St. Ives body washes from Ibotta (see my post about saving part 3)

In Summary:

  1. Download CVS app
  2. Load offers to your card 
  3. Save, Save, Save !!!

Have a great night and happy saving 🙂



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