Baby Got Matte

I am taking a small break from cooking to talk about my second love ( aside from my husband and kids of course)…. MAKEUP. 

I was recently turned on to Tyra Bank’s make up line (Tyra Beauty) by my very good friend. Tyra’s brand is sold mainly by beautytainers.  Good thing I have my friend who told me about these matte liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks seem to be all the rage but making a matte one without drying your lips or fading rapidly is few and far between. I have tried quite a few drug store brands ( revlon and wet n wild ) and specialty shops ( like sephora and Kat von d) liquid lipsticks I have a few favorites. These mattes are amongst them.


The box is a sturdy one with a magnetic closure…. ( say what !!!!) I was impressed.

Right on the  box states what is in the matte lipsticks. They have coconut oil and mango butter really make a difference here. It makes it feels very smooth and non drying to wear for a long time.  It is also good to note that this is paraben, silicone, talc and mineral oil free. No fillers here ! 

Each set comes with 3 matte liquid lipsticks. These are all very wearable colors. 

1. Suede – Peachy nude with a gray under tone.  This color looks different when you first put it on . I honestly thought I was going to give this away because it would be too nude. But I feel in love after it dried. This fully dried  in 2 minutes and lasted 6 hours through drinking and eating. 

2. Cashmere – Brown nude with a pinky under tone.  This is my perfect color … I love it for everyday and is my favorite out of the three. This also took about 2 minutes to dry. Stays on for a minimum of 5 hours with drinking and eating. 

3. Velvet –  Cranberry/ dark berry color. Gorgeous color but requires some work. First, line your lips or it will get messy. Second dry the first layer and reapply for the true color but one even layer is a lighter berry color. This color will last 8-9 hours through drinking and eating but will wear from the outside in. I didn’t use a lip liner when I tried it for few days. Everyone in my office commented on it. They loved it and I must admit I felt a little sexier in this color!

This is just one layer ….pictures don’t do them justice. 


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Long lasting 
  • Moisturizing 
  • Beautiful And Wearable Colors
  • Does not require exfoliating for smooth application. 


  • The applicator is a little stiff 
  • Velvet needs to be applied twice for best color 
  • Limited edition


All in all this is a great buy.  I have reached for these non stop since I got them. One tip – oil will break it down so if you are eating something oily, the color will fade quicker which is the same for most lipsticks. In fact, to fully take it off, use an oil instead of a makeup wipe. It comes off quicker!

I ordered them through my friends website: Tyra Beauty

The limited edition set is $45 which is $15 each lipstick.  Click here to go directly to the lipsticks: Baby got matte set
I did pay for regular shipping and I received my package within 5 days including the weekend and a holiday. 
***Just as a disclosure, I was not comped, I did not recieve this for free. I paid for them  myself. No one has asked me to talk about it. It’s just that good I can’t keep it a secret! 




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