Easy Homemade Lattes

Most people cannot live without some coffee in the morning. But having a good; if not great, latte comes at a steep price because of the machine that makes the frothe. Now, I am definitely not saying don’t splurge but for the budget conscious people (like me!), you have to make due with what you have but you want to feel like you spent some well earned money. 

To make a long story short …. You can do this yourself without a frother or espresso machine. All you need is 2 cups, a push wisk, microwave, and your coffee maker or Keurig.

Tools Needed

2 – 12 oz or larger mugs

A microwave

Coffeemaker or Keurig 

Push wisk 



Strong coffee or espresso



Put 2-3 oz of milk ( can be soy, almond, skim, 2%, or whole ) in a microwaveable cup (12oz) .

Microwave Milk for 1 minute (the milk has to be warm to hot for it to foam up )

During this time make your coffee. I use Bustello and my Keurig I use the reuseable cup and use medium size setting for an 8 oz cup . I brew my coffee and at my sugar to the black coffee.

When you take the milk out of the microwave use the push wisk and push down for about 30 seconds to a minute it will just about double in size. The thicker the foam you want the more you wisk.

Once it is at the desired thickness pour in the coffee and stir. And there you have it your latte. Add cinnamon or a drizzle of caramel to make it fancy! 

Let me know how you spruce up your coffee ! 

* I added a link to a decent push wisk. Just click on the word “wisk”.  I am not being paid by Amazon or anyone for mentioning it. 


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