Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Biscuits

Bacon…bacon …. You had me at bacon!

Now most people are trying to cut back on bacon but every once in a while it’s a great thing.

Some of the simplest things make the best meals, snacks, appetizers, and desserts. This is one of them.

I did this recipe from a blog or pintrest so the original is not mine….. If I could remember I would  give them the credit cause it awesome. 

All you need is 4 ingredients

1 can of biscuits

1 8 oz block of mozzarella cheese 

3/4 of a 16 oz bacon package

1 48oz bottle of oil 

Tools needed

Small fyer or 4 qt pot 


Cutting board

Toothpicks ( I had to improvise and use scewers) 


Pour the oil in the fyer or pot and place on the medium high setting or the corresponding setting on the fyer.

Open the biscuit can and cut each into halves or doer that depending on how big you want them. 

Cut the cheese (no pun intended ) in to small blocks  and put in the middle of the biscuit dough.

Make them into round balls 

Take the bacon and depending on how much you want cut in half or leave whole … And wrap the biscuits with the bacon.

At this point you should put toothpicks through both sides but I didn’t have an so I used scewers. They are ready to fry.

Let it fry for about 5 minutes you need the inside to cook. It may look done like baked but the inside may still be raw. It will be a golden to a darker brown for the biscuit watch carefully so it doesn’t burn. Everyone’s fryer/stove is different so you may want to test one to know how long you need to keep it in there. 

Now I know throught is for them to look perfect well …. They didn’t because I didn’t have toothpicks but I show you this because it may not look all that great but we ate them all!

I will say when I made them with shredded cheese instead I liked it better it cooked faster and was super cheesy.

Take this recipe make it your own. Cook the bacon and add inside instead of outside or both. Use cheddar instead of mozzarella. Serve with garlic aioli or a jalepeno tartar sauce. 

Possibilities are endless!

Enjoy :)!


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