March ’16 Foodie Favorites and Fails 

Hi All,

March was a very eventful month for me. Started out badly and ended up okay. Be that as it may, I found some good stuff this month in the foodie world and also an item that I still have nightmares about ! Let me know if you have tried any of these or if you have any ideas as to what I should try.

                          ID Simply Pure Caramel  
International Delights recently ( and I mean in the last few months) with a new creamer  that doesn’t have a lot of extra unpronounceable additives. It has milk,cream,sugar,and flavoring.

Now, I am not huge milk drinker because it usually hurts my stomach. Somehow, this one is just too good and no pain ! It legitimately tastes like caramel. Now it isn’t going to make your coffee into a caramel macchiato but it is just delightful for adding a little sweetness to your morning coffee!

International Delights is usually on sale every other week. But regular price is around $2.69 (US) for a 16oz bottle. It comes in other flavored such as Hazelnut and French Vanilla.

Lunchables Uploaded Walking Taco

This lunchable is pretty new but I would not really consider it a lunchable since you need to heat it up even though it is marketed like a snack.

Now if you are not into super processed products this is definitely not for you.

Above is a picture of the contents. Appetizing right ?  It literally is as seen. You follow the steps and put it in the microwave for 15 seconds and viola ! A snack.

It is small but it does limit your calories while giving you enough of a snack that it satisfies your for a little. However, in my case I got the worst heartburn/acid reflux like an hour later . So if you have stomach issues it may prove to be too much.

This is usually on sold for between $1.49-1.99 and comes in 4 varieties. Nacho, chili , beef and bbq chicken. The best one I have had is the Chili walking taco that has the corn chips and they stay crunchier after the topping are mixed in.

Herdez Salsa Verde 
This is a great salsa for tacos, enchiladas, tortillas etc. It is a great short cut. It has a fresh tasting flavor, mild heat, that isn’t thick  (because they often have preservatives that make them thick)  and doesn’t have parsley like many salsa verdes out on the market have. Parsley is NOT in a typical Mexican salsa verde.

This tastes more like homemade and it kind of reminds me of what our friend Sara used to make, which I totally miss ! (She makes the best Mexican food)

This usually sold for $2.99 for 24 oz but is frequently on sale. And it lasts a good long while depending on how much you like to use.

 NEW Milano Flavors 
For the longest time Milano cookies came in Dark Chocolate ( the most like the original), Milk Chocolate and then Mint Chocolate ( My Fav) and now there are melts and salted caramel, almond crisp, Milano melts like Boston cream me and these Raspberry Chocolate .

All these Flavors are really good . They taste how they sound and go great with coffee or milk.  I can’t find anything to be negative about. The flavor ones I find you are satisfied or had enough after about 3. Which is a good thing cause you won’t over eat and stay closer to the proper serving size.

These are usually sold for $3.69 each but they have been on sale in my area and plus coupon, I stocked up with a few at .79 each (😊)


Yo plait Plenti Oatmeal

 This product…… Uh …. No just no cease, desist, back away ….. Now granted there is someone who like this but I literally threw it out after four bites. I hate being wasteful.

This is thick because of the oatmeal is put in there raw and they use Greek yogurt that is very sour. The sweetness is very mute.  I had the apple cinnamon and after mixing it, the apples are soft, cinnamon is faint, but the thickness, sourness and the bite from the oatmeal it just threw my consistency sensors into over drive and screaming “don’t take another bite”. I think this was there take on overnight oatmeal.

This is usually sold for $1.35-$1.78 each. The flavors I found were : Cinnamon Apple, Peach, Maple brown sugar.

I hope this has given some inside into some of the new items out there and hopefully you all will give them a try and let me know what you think !



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