NEW Maybelline Mascara and Contour Kit Review

It is no question I have a love for makeup. So when I saw the recent review for the contour kit from you tuber glamlifeguru it was time to get it. Now you know I didn’t pay regular price for it… I ended up getting these at CVS. I’ll elaborate more below 

Maybelline Master Studio Contour Kit -light 


Retails for $12.99   There are only 2 palletes like this right now light to medium and medium 


In natural sunlight


In artificial light

This pallete is a little tricky because the contour  really only goes well with certain complextions.

The contour color is more of a gray tone on me. It has a little reddish but not much so it blends more naturally. 

The blush I love it ! The color looks bright, however it is like a natural looking blush. It’s a satin finish again, blended nicely.

The highlight…. Just like glamlifeguru I love love love it ! I usually like the more pink or peachy highlight but this one converted me. I am not into strobing but it gives you that glow  from within and you do not have to use a lot of product to achieve a nice glow.

Overall this is a good deal if you prefer a gray tone contour. I don’t see the contour doubling as a bronzer but the kit itself is a great value for a person who wants a multipurpose face pallete and doesn’t have a lot of time to search for make up in the morning.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Lucious Mascsara 


Retails for $8.99

I got this with the contour kit. It is in the color blackest black. I am currently testing some water proof mascara, I have had some bad days and some of the other mascara I have tried  got into my eyes and it burns like you know what ! So why not kill two birds with one stone.

The whole commercial on this pretty much says will have lucious full and soft lashes .

Um …. No. Although the this isn’t bad and I am not professional by any means, that isn’t what I experienced. Maybe in a few weeks when it dries a little but first impression it’s too wet, it does dry quick but not before getting it on your eye lid and the fan brush looks almost exactly as the Wet N Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara  


 which I really like and was hoping to get volume from this mascara.

Lol I am looking at is laughing case I didn’t need length!  I can see this going well with falsies which I totally am convinced that the woman in the commercial is using but as for me…. I’ll try it over time and see if it gets better. 

So I the end I wouldn’t say I regret buying it in the end I paid out of pocket 15.98 for both got a $5 extra care buck and $5 in rebates so it was a good price to try.

If anyone has tired this, let me know how you made out !


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