New Product Alert

For some of you who have not heard or currently not a fan of, there is a new Dannon Activia yogurt worth giving a try. 

Dannon Activia Fruit Fusion is different from the the usual Dannon Activia it does not come pre-mixed. ( Reminded me of the usual original Dannon which I do not like). I gave it go either way because you cans not judge something by judging it against its predecessor.

First these are small, they come in 4 oz cups ( typical is 5-6 oz) which makes it hard to stir everything together well. I don’t know what size spoon it was meant for but it is not in my utensil drawer.  






Strawberry & Raspberry Mixed

 Second, the consistency of the plain part of the yogurt is not the same as the regular Activia. For me, the regular Activia is a little slimy. But the fruit fusion you can actually eat it plain without the fruit and it tastes pretty good. 

Lastly, it’s a satisfying treat. It has 90 calories and 4 grams of protein. I have eaten this as a snack and I have found that it holds me over way past a few hours ( not everyone will experience the same but for me it was a plus).

This product still maintains the Activia promise of the possibility of helping with   overall common stomach issues with continued use. 

The best flavor so far is the Peach & Mango  . The Strawberry & Raspberry  is played of for me since I have had that all my life just about . It also comes in Cherry  Vanilla and Blue Berry and Black Berry.

This week is the best time to try it since it is on sale in Publix BOGO sale plus there is a coupon for a $1 off each printable in or this past Sunday’s newspaper from SmartSource also for $1 off . So you can try it this week for about .75 cents or lower. 

Let me know your thoughts on it …. Likes does the challenge really work? 



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