Save or Splurge : pulsar toothbrushes 

Ok, so we all have this situation, go to the store to get the necessities and have to make a life decision . Do I buy generic or store brand or do I get the name brand because the name brand is the best, right ?

Well, I have learned that isn’t always the case.

So a few weeks ago, was not able to find what I thought was a good brand of toothbrushes. I happened to be at a local CVS and I saw the opportunity for savings with getting back $6 in Extra Care Bucks for buying $12 worth of CVS brand oral care. I figured why not give it a try. So I bought a twin pack of pulsating toothbrushes ( and some for the manual kid brushes) I only spent out of pocket $16 for it all. What did I have to lose?

The picture above shows the green CVS Brand Pulsating Vibraclean Toothbrush.Twin pack retails $9.79


Fast forward to last week. My husband wanted a new toothbrush ( he goes through them a lot) so I went to CVS again and I saw that the Oral B was on sale and I had a rebate through savings star. Hey it is the name brand after all.

The picture above shows the blue Oral B  Pulsar Toothbrush. Twin pack retails $11.29

So what is the end result of this Spend or Splurge?

After using both….. which is better ?

Price …..CVS Brand

Cleaning Power.… CVS Brand

Battery Life …. Oral B

SAVE – Believe it or not CVS won more just based off of the cleaning power… After brushing back to your wisdom teeth, the Oral B did not clean as well.

So in this case save your money and buy or try generic… it may surprise you .

Until  next time…




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