Sofrito -flavorful addition to any dish !!

Sofrito,a common staple ingredient in Hispanic cooking.  Yes, there are a million ways to make sofrito, however, like most people ones recipe is usually deeply rooted in their family. The recipe I have ( and I have been requested multiple times to share) is from my late mother in law Naomi! She passed away March 2009,  I miss her a lot and every time I make sofrito or Arroz con pollo I think of her. This is her legacy.

For this recipe I used

4 green peppers

2 and 1/2 sweet onions 

4 bunches of cilantro 

A head of garlic or less according to your preference 

1/2 cup olive oil 

3 packets of Goya Sazon  


Tools you will need 

1 chopping board

1 knife

1 blender * you can use a food processor as well if you prefer a corser sofrito *

3 -3 cup containers ( if you have the freezer ones great if not a take out soup container works great as well ) 

Directions: Rough chop the peppers and onions just to help the blender. Take half the onion, garlic, pepper , olive oil and cilantro and place them in the blender.

Blend until combined and continue to add more of the peppers, onions, garlic , olive oil and cilantro blending each time. After all is blended it will look as seen below.

At this point add the 3 packets of sazon and blend again until fully incorporated.

This will yield about 8 cups of sofrito. Pour into your containers and freeze 2 and put one in the refrigerator to use as needed. 

We put this in almost everything, meatballs, burgers, rice, etc. it just gives a unique flavor to your meals. Typically you start adding 1 tablespoon at a time when cooking, this batch can last a few weeks to months. Some put tomatoes in their sofrito but I much rather add it to the dish as needed. 

Please feel free to request a recipe that uses sofrito.  

Thank you for reading,



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