Saving Money – Part 3

Now that you are saving money on the front end, how about getting money back on top of it! Here are the top apps I use personally and to date have gotten more than a few hundred dollars in rebates.

Rebate Apps to consider when buying  groceries 


– Available on Iphone and Android now.

– Renews every Monday, sometimes offers expire before Monday.

– Must add offers to your grocery cart before going shopping, it will hold there the entire week and the clear on Mondays.

– Must have a paypal account. Once set up and after the first payment they will send the money to your paypal account as soon as the rebate is approved.

– Takes usually a few hours to 2 days

– Read the restrictions

– Usually only for 1 item – sometimes they renew the rebate the same week so you can use it again


 -Available on Iphone and Android

– Not available all stores and some offers are store specific.

– Please use my referral code if you have not already :aycog   If you do we both get a $5 bonus when you claim your first rebate and you join my team that will give you bonues as well for different things ( Such as if everyone on the team uses Ibotta and collectively get $20 in rebates you and your team will get $1 or more. )

-Must unlock each item before claiming the rebate. Sometimes it’s read something and hit unlock, sometimes its watch a movie clip or do a survey to unlock. The more you unlock the more bonuses you can obtain

-The money from the rebates goes into a bank, until you reach $20 you cannot cash out to paypal or venmo or you can opt to get a gift card starting at $10.

-They have any brand items you can get money back from .20 cents usually up to a $1

-Also has apparel, baby, liquor, restaurant rebates.

Savings Star

– Available on Iphone and Android

– Not available in all stores.

– Some stores you link your frequent shopper card and some need the receipt and item scanned

*Example –

-reward card or frequent shopper for CVS, BJs, Rite Aid, Ingles

-scan receipt for Kroger, Walgreens, Target, Dollar General, Walmart,Publix 

– Can take 2 to 20 days for a rebate to register. Even if the rebate expired you get credited for it since you scanned it or bought it before the rebate expired.

– Must add items to your list before shopping.


– Available on Iphone and Android

-Has few offers sometimes they are for multiple time use.

-Gives you money in your paypal account as soon as approved.

-Use my code and you get a free lindt chocolate bar: HYCYAUVK

Snap by Groupon UPDATE 

As of 3/1/16  this app will not rebate groceries. Just announced today 

Receipt Hog

– Available on Iphone and Android

-Scan receipts and get points

-At times you get bonuses or do surveys for bonuses

-They have a slot machine you earn turns and can get extra points

-Can scan receipts up to 2 weeks old.

-All hardware, grocery, convenience stores, mall

-Non grocery related / restaurants qualify for entries into monthly drawing 

-Can get an amazon card or money into your paypal after earning $5 or 1,000 points 

Checkout 51

– Available on Iphone and Android

-Scan receipts for items on the list

-At times you get bonuses for buying combinations of items or multiple items

-Refreshes list every Thursday

– Can get 1 no brand item each week for .25 cents.

-Can enter a drawing to win $500 each week for spending $60 on one receipt.




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