Saving Money – Part 2

As we left off few days ago we worked on our list, made some space and we are buying the paper on Sunday. Now what?

Tip #4 Select a Comfortable Price
The next thing you should do before you get overwhelmed is decide how much you want to pay for each item. I know, I know, you want to “get it for free ” or “hey give me money for buying it”. In some cases that works but in most it doesn’t. Being the realist that I am, I try to set a reachable expectation that I can feel good about.

For name brand good body wash I usually budget 2.49 to $3.00 that is after coupons and sales. Name brand shampoo … 1.99-2.49 each. so on and so forth. Once you have your prices in mind… go hunting.

The key to not getting overwhelmed is to focus on one or two things you want to get. Like Bodywash and deodorant. Once you used to

I browse the current adds and also look at any ad previews I can find, especially drug store, so I can make sure I am getting the best bang for my buck. I love and These sites are a total godsend. I have saved countless dollars previewing ads so I make sure I am not getting shell shocked when I go to the store next week to find it was a better price.

I go through each ad and I write down the best of the best deals. Then I compare them to each other stores for the same or similar item and then I look for coupons to go on top of the sale.

For instance, This week ( 2-7-2/13/16) Rite Aid has Irish Spring ( or Soft Soap) body wash for $3.49 then there is an in ad coupon from Rite Aid for $2 that takes it down to $1.49. $1.49 is an awesome price for Irish Spring. However if you would have printed out the $1 coupon from last month (My coupon expires 2/29/16) you can get the body wash for $0.49 each.


So what I usually do is try to get 4 if I can. 1 to use ( assuming you are out) 2 to save and 1 to splurge. Soon you will have a growing stock pile.

Now how about getting money for buying certain items?

Stay tuned for the blog in this series… To Rebate or Not to Rebate…

Please leave any comments below.


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