Saving Goals and Tips 

If you are like most people you are overwhelmed with trying to save money and knowing where to spend it. 

A few years ago, I spent much of my time (and money) shopping at BJs or Walmart thinking I was getting great deals And didn’t think much of clipping coupons. I quickly learned that buying in bulk wasn’t really saving. So I starting researching couponing. 

Let me tell you , saving money is addicting . 

Yes there are blogs and sites dedicated to telling you all the sales tips and tricks , however my approach is simple and manageable. I work 40+ hours a week have a family to take care of, etc. so wondering in the stores aisle by aisle is not for me . I also do not clear out shelves (unless there only 4 left).

In this series, I will go over some money saving tips and tricks feel free to ask questions!

Tip #1: Make a list 

I tell everyone, make a list of thing you need and the brands you want. Yes, rethink the no frills brands and live a little. If you like Dove or oil of Olay, why settle? 

Ideally you want to make sure you don’t run out so you aren’t spending regular price. 

Tip #2 : Make space for your bounty ! 

No not bounty towels (although you will :)) but for what you are going up bring home . This way you will organize the area to replenish or see what can be stored where . I have a mini linen closet and large linen closet . I use my mini closet for toiletries. Once that is filled, I will reorganize and possibly use the laundry room closet etc.  Please note you do not need to fill your basement , spare rooms, kids room or man cave with stuff. Some people can and most of us cannot . 

Tip #3: Always buy the Sunday paper 

I buy 4 copies each Sunday. Admittedly, there will be weeks where you feel it was a waste but to date I always make my money back. 
For more tips stay tuned for the next part of this series : I have my list,I have my space ,I have my paper … Now what?


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