Easy Dinner Idea

Have you ever just sat down one day thinking of what to make for dinner and nothing came to you? I have many times. Like I have mentioned before, the men folk in my family love to live off of Rice, Beans and some kind of meat. And that can get sooooooo boring… So now that I have some more time on my hands I decided to do something different. We have all heard of chicken parm, rollatinis, chicken gordon bleu, etc. But this is so simple and so tasty it will make its way into your normal rotation of foods to make for dinner and you will most definitely want it for lunch the next day.

Although I am sure I didn’t invent this, this is my take on it and what I am calling it.

The dish I am referring to is simply: CHICKEN A LA PIZZAOLA  with Pasta

Tools you need : Meat tenderizer, ziplock bag, sauce pan,a pot for boiling noodles, cookie sheet or oven pan, and ladle.

What I used 

2-3 lbs of Chicken Breast

Olive oil

Adobo, Garlic Powder and Oregano

2 Jars of Marinara Sauce ( Homemade Preferred: Comment below if you would like the recipe I use) 

1lb of Pasta

2 Cups of Mozzarella ( More if you like it really cheesy)

1-6-8oz Bag of Pepperoni ( Can be substituted for Ham if you like)

1/2 cup of Parmesan Cheese

1. Take the chicken and if not already sliced thin, cut the breast piece into half. Each piece place into the ziplock bag and take out your aggression pounding it out. ( It helps if you scream a little ….:D) Flatten as much as possible with out breaking each piece.

2. Season the breast pieces generously with the adobo, garlic powder and oregano on both sides and then pour a little oil and rub it in.

3. With the sauce ( if you are using fresh you may want to wait a little for it to cool down) pour some to cover the bottom of the pan.

4. Leave all the breast pieces laid out, take out the pepperoni and cheese and leave it out in piles so you are not going in the bag with dirty hands. Add Cheese and them put pepperoni on each piece like you would a pizza and add a little sauce and roll it with the flap side down lay it in the pan. Do the same with the rest of the pieces.

5. Once all the chicken is placed in the pan, add more sauce to the chicken on top and sprinkle with more mozzarella and the parmesan cheese and add another piece of pepperoni on top for good measure.

6. Place in the oven at 375 degrees for about 30 to 45 minutes.

7. While those are cooking boil your pasta making sure you add the salt right before adding the pasta. Drain and use the remainder of the marinara sauce on the pasta.

8. Once the chicken is done it will have a nice saucy cheese sauce on the bottom. I serve about 2 pieces per person next to the pasta and add that sauce on top of the noodles. ( But that is optional)

And that is it you are done. You can even season the meat and leave in the refrigerator overnight to let the seasoning sink in. That my friends is all you need to make even a picky eater happy. Even my friend Yiyi tried it and loved it …( You guessed she is a picky eater) This is her making it below.

download_20141121_183604 IMG_20141121_134914This one is mine 🙂

Thanks for reading and enjoy!



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