November 2014 Boxy Charm: Sparkle and Shine First Impression

To feed my make up addition, I have subscriptions services. I have tried quite a few. ( Beauty Army, Ipsy, Birchbox, etc) The ones I have kept are Boxy Charm and Lip Monthly.

BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription where you get 3- 5 full sized items and it varying from hair care, makeup and nail care. You pay $21/Mo and you get way over what paid for it. This month’s theme is Sparkle and Shine.


( 5 full size items -Retail for this box is $120.89 -125.89)


Here is what the box contains:

1 MicaBeauty Eye Primer ( Retail Value $44.95)


This eye primer is the real deal. It provides full coverage and is thick but can be blended easily. I tried a ‘not so greatly’ pigmented eye shadow and BAM the color shined through nicely. 

1 Ofra Pressed Blush in Paradise Pink ( Retail Value $24.95)


This is a great, and I do mean great blush. I totally didn’t expect it to look so nice because it is a deep mauve toned pink with shimmer. It is very pigmented and you don’t need much at all. You will probably need a stippling brush to blend it out, but it will look gorgeous on all skin tones and give a natural glow! It has a mirror in it so you can take it for a touch up and can be used wet or dry! Love at first swatch.

1 Tarina Tarantino Eyelicity Glitter Liner in Glitter Mist ( Retail Value $16.00)

IMG_20141120_144104IMG_20141120_144128 (1)

Another winner for me. This color is so pretty and glides on very well with the brush applicator. This can be used over an eyeliner or blended with eye shadow. I cannot wait to use it this weekend. The only thing I did not really like, the bottle looked partially empty or had a lot of air in it. But it was completely new. 

1 Kevin Murphy Color Bug in White (Retail Value $20-25.00)


I have to say I am not to thrilled with this one. I was going to try it but the directions say you need to make sure you cover yourself or use protective gear…. hmmmm yeah no Ill pass but it was a nice idea. 

1 bellapierre Shimmer Powder ( Retail Value $14.99) 


This was one was another one that I was ok with. I had gotten a similar one that was taupe gorgeous shimmer in the color Harmony. This one is a very sheer one but is buildable in the color EXCITE. Although as you see on my hand above … it is barely there. I wonder if you can use it for a highlight as well? May have to try it. Has anyone else used it in a way other than for the eye lids? Please comment below. 

All in all this box is again another hit for me. It was a mix of interesting, different, shimmery, shiny things… I cannot wait for this weekend to try some of them out. 

For anyone interested in BoxyCharm here is my referral link:

Referral Code: eDltcHlGd3pjMkxSMWZ1MUpyalR3SW00ajZQTVVPbFc=

Thanks for reading,


P.S. As I am writing this blog, my 7 year old wanted me to write ” Giraffes and Zebra eat leaves, Rhinos and Hippos drink a lot of water, Monkeys eat leaves too and Lions eat them all.” For all my mommies out there you understand 🙂


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