Tarte Sweet Indulgences : First Impression

First off… I love make up! Thanks to my best friend Yiyi who started me off over a year ago. When I saw the opportunity to grab this holiday set for such a great price: I HAD TO HAVE IT!  And thankfully my husband said yes to my surprise!!! Now up until this point I have only ever had a Tarte Cheek Stain in blushing bride and Lip Surgence in Blushing bride thanks to my Boxy Charm subscription. I absolutely swear by them. If it wasn’t for the usual prices of them I would have a ton of Tarte in my collection.

Any way, enough rambling here is what you get.


IMG_20141117_182519[1] IMG_20141117_182539[1]

Gold Box with Lilac flowers



2 Lights Camera Lashes Mascaras both black

3 Eye Liners in Bronze, Plum and Charcoal

IMG_20141117_182655[1] IMG_20141117_182603[1]

Lilac Box with Gold Flowers 

 IMG_20141117_182717[1] IMG_20141117_182745[1]


2 Eye Shadow Palettes

1 Small Blue Palette with 8 Colors

IMG_20141117_183716[1] IMG_20141117_183444[1]

Vanilla Candles, Coming Up Roses, Hazelnut Bon Bons, Champagne Bubble Bath, Bronze Cuff, Feeling Grey-t, Espresso Yourself, Cinnamon Latte. Most of these colors are stunning and pigmented. The only two disappointments were Vanilla Candles very soft but chalky and Champagne Bubble Bath felt dry and flaky.

1 Small Lilac Palette with 8 Colors

IMG_20141117_183151[1] IMG_20141117_182820[1]

Pinky Promise, Taupe of the World, You look mauveless, Just Malt Away, Pampered Pink, Dare to be Gold , Show plum love, wind down brown. All are great in pigmentation and the winner here is Clearly Dare to be gold… it is a rosy gold … I can’t even put it in words.

Light Blue Box with Gold Flowers

IMG_20141117_183755[1] IMG_20141117_183815[1]


2 Blushes in Savored and Pampered: Savored has some shimmer in it but swatched nicely and Pampered is matte was a little dry and hard to build up but it could also be from getting it on a cold day… but oh so pretty once you built it up.

IMG_20141117_184025[1]IMG_20141117_184036 (1)

2 Lip Surgence Lip Cream in Wonder and Rare: Just gorgeous and creamy…  smelled like vanilla mint

1 Lip Surgence Lip Gloss in Indulging: Not sticky but also smelled like vanilla mint

All in all this is a GREAT value. I got it for $59 ( plus shipping and tax was 72.74) from QVC when they had the one day sale. This is easily an over $200 dollar value. I cannot wait to play with it and post a follow up. Any one else get this set and played with it? I would love to hear what combinations you tried!

Have A Great Night !!!



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