Winner Winner Chicken Fried Steak Dinner

There is nothing like a home cooked meal. Except when all you eat is the same thing… ( Rice, beans and some kind of meat) all the time. So after taking the kids to the park to ride their bikes and I did a 2 mile walk ( not too shabby) I came home to make some Chicken Fried Steak. Now my father in law had just voiced his concern that when I make something new I don’t make enough meat… So I made sure he had two pieces, my husband, and me and my kids had one each. I made about 8 chicken fried steaks and there were no leftovers…. Thanks to Ree Drummond I now have a new recipe in my arsenal.

This is the base recipe I used:

Here is my twist

Tools you will need : 8 Inch Frying pan ( or larger), 3 bowls ( I used small cake pans) , a large plate, a cookie sheet or oven pan big enough for all the steaks, some paper towels to sop up the oil, whisk, and a fork or two for turning.

Ingredients Used: 

For the Steaks

8 Thin Sliced Cubed Steak

Adobo, Pepper, Garlic Powder and Olive Oil  ( I am not putting measurements because its to taste)

2 Cups of flour ( Separated in two bowls/pans)

1 teaspoon of Pepper

1 tablespoon of Salt

1 Dash of Cayenne Pepper

2 Eggs

1/2 cup of Milk ( Used 1%)

1/2 Cup Canola Oil

1 tablespoon of Butter


2 Tablespoons of reserved oil from frying

4 Cups of Milk ( I used 1% Milk)

2 Tablespoons of  AP Flour

1 Tablespoon Butter

Salt and Pepper to Taste

I took the meat and laid them out and tenderized them a little more with a big heavy spoon and some elbow grease. Seasoned with the adobo, pepper and garlic powder then a little olive oil to rub it in and I let them sit for at least an hour ( I wrapped it in plastic wrap and placed it in the fridge).


I took the flour and separated in 1 cup each into the bowls. Added half the pepper and salt in each and added the dash of cayenne pepper and mixed them. In between the flour I placed a cake pan and added the two eggs and the milk for stirred it well until completely incorporated.

Take the Oil and place in the pan put on med to medium high heat ( My stove goes by number so I was at 6 out of a max of 10) to check if the oil is hot enough put a little flour in it ( a sprinkle do not go crazy) if it sizzles your are good, add the tablespoon of butter and add to the oil, It should only sizzle not brown. You are ready to fry!

Take the meat out and put first in the flour, then the egg mixture, then flour, back in the egg and then flour again ( It will make the crust bigger and crunchier and you get better coverage). You can let them sit for a bit but not too long or you will need to flour them again. Add them two at a time ( or if you have room for 3 please so just don’t over crowd the pan). Cook them for at least 2 minutes each side or until golden brown and flip over gently and brown the other side. Once golden brown on both sides put on your paper towel lined oven pan to soak up the excess grease. Between each batch scrap the bottom of the frying pan a bit so it doesn’t burn; you will need it later.

Once you are done the frying you can remove the paper towel from the pan and put it in the oven so it doesn’t get soggy too quick ( I actually preheated mine but you do not have too) . Dump the oil in a container or measuring cup.  Scrap the bits at the bottom of the frying pan and add 2 tablespoons of oil back in along with 2 tablespoons of flour and stir. This will gather up all the bottom bits and start bubbling. Give it like  1 to 2 minutes and add in the milk and stir, stir, stir, it will thicken before you know it. Add some salt and pepper to taste and the tablespoon of butter…. and there you have it …. homemade gravy!! ( It may be a good idea to maybe get some biscuits too…… )

Last night I opted for Glazed Carrots and Mashed Potatoes. It was glorious….. It may not look perfect but man did this taste good!!!

IMG_20141111_182747 (1)


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