Revealed 2 from Coastal Scents

I ordered the Revealed 2 pallete from Coastal Scents as soon as it came out. I got a steal at 9.95. There were a lot of YouTube Gurus mentioning that they love it. Here are my thoughts.

I do not have any of the Naked Palettes. These colors are great. They are very build-able go great mixed together and blend nicely. However, some of the colors have a lot of fall out. You need a primer for sure and smudge it very well if you are smoking it out.

I did not like that I do not know the names of them. They were apparently on the box somewhere but I did not see it.

The it has satin, matte, and shimmer finishes. All in all at 9.95 for 20 shadows totally worth it. I will post a picture of some combos I have used for it soon.

I will share one of my favorite reviewer on YouTube for everyone to see their take on it.


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